Bird of the day

I have been gone for ages, during this time I finished my Masters, which is a big relief. I have now entered into the world of work and will hopefully have more sparetime for photography. I’m still into forests and animals, particulary birds, as you can see. This was actually the only shot I got today. There were lots of joggers out and the birds were shy so I’m glad it turned out ok.

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Ordinary objects

I went for a walk in my neighbourhood today, wanting to be creative with my camera. I came across a big beautiful tree in a field. However, it didn’t quite make a good photograph so I changed my perspective and went in really close instead. I stood under the tree and pointed my camera up to the sky, as you can see focusing on some branches. I think composition is so important for a photograph, as it can make ordinary things look much more interesting. Playing around with light can be helpful too, I don’t mind using a bit unusual light sources, as long as it compliments the image.

© 2016 Åsalill Andersson. All rights reserved.