Bird of the day

I have been gone for ages, during this time I finished my Masters, which is a big relief. I have now entered into the world of work and will hopefully have more sparetime for photography. I’m still into forests and animals, particulary birds, as you can see. This was actually the only shot I got today. There were lots of joggers out and the birds were shy so I’m glad it turned out ok.

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I’m trying to finish up my Master thesis, so I haven’t made time for photography lately. But today I went into the woods, there’s a man made lake there and I found some ducks relaxing and enjoying themselves. It was slightly rainy and gray. Very peaceful though.

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Heron again

I went back to find the heron today, in the same location as a few days ago. I brought my telephoto lens so I managed to get a closer look, although the bird was a bit further back today and there is water and railings between us so I couldn’t get closer than this. I had some camera shake so the shots didn’t come out completely sharp. I’ll bring my tripod next time, the telephoto lens makes the camera a bit heavy to hold steady. It’s a pretty cool bird though, glad I found it.

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Lunch time bird watch

Today was a lovely day and I had my lunch in a sunny park. On my way over there I saw some birds and got my camera out. I’m trying to bring it with me every day now, even if it makes my backpack that bit heavier… You never know when there will be a photo opportunity, right? I think there is a heron (häger) in the first photo, although I’m not a bird expert so could be wrong. I know it’s a bit hard to make out, I’ll have to bring my telephoto lens sometime. In the second photo I think there are jackdaws (kajor).

© 2016 Åsalill Andersson. All rights reserved.
© 2016 Åsalill Andersson. All rights reserved.