Water tower

The water tower in my town, which nowadays functions as student housing.




I don’t usually photograph buildings, but I’m moving to another city for the summer (or indefinitely if things go well) and the town where I presently live does have some nice architecture, so I wanted to document it. Hopefully I will have time to shoot some more of it before I leave.

©Åsalill Andersson 2017. All rights reserved.
©ÅsalillAndersson 2017. All rights reserved.
©Åsalill Andersson 2017. All rights reserved.
©Åsalill Andersson 2017. All rights reserved.

Bird of the day

I have been gone for ages, during this time I finished my Masters, which is a big relief. I have now entered into the world of work and will hopefully have more sparetime for photography. I’m still into forests and animals, particulary birds, as you can see. This was actually the only shot I got today. There were lots of joggers out and the birds were shy so I’m glad it turned out ok.

©2017 Åsalill Andersson. All rights reserved.